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Sarajevo, Bosnia - Jewish Headstones
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Sarajevo Jewish Headstones.

It is estimated that in 2006 there were 500 Jews living in Bosnia / Herzegovina.

Sephardic Dresses from Bosnia and Bulgaria
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The dress on the right is Sephardic from Bosnia and the dress on left is Sephardic from Bulgaria.

Spanish (Sephardic) Jewish Woman in Bosnia
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Spanish (Sephardic) Jewish Woman in Bosnia. 1918

"Le Ghetto" - Pezenas (Ville d'Art) Hercult
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Pezenas (Ville d'Art) Hercult, France. Sign above doorway says "Le Ghetto" 14th Century. On the back it says "et Porte Biaise de l' Ancienne Prison Consulaire" ..... Prison???

Jewish Store in Serbia - Singer Sewing Machines
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Jewish Store in Serbia - Singer Sewing Machines - Leon Abravanel - 1930

Tatjana Barbakoff - Latvia Performer
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Tatjana Barbakoff was the stage name of Cilly Edelbert - born 1899 in Libau, Latvia and died 1944 in Auschwitz. Her mother was from China and her Father was a Russian Jew. A well-known Performer.


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